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Can't Post Comments On Other Blogs

  1. prayersnapples

    I am having the same exact problem that was described in this support forum post from a couple years ago: All of a sudden, I can't comment on blogs that I have been regularly reading (and commenting on) for a while.

    From what I gathered from lessepea's earlier forum post, I need to have Support "unspam me." A couple members posted that it seemed like a random Akismet problem.

    It just doesn't make any sense, because I've been commenting on these blogs for a while now with no problem - now, when I type and click "submit" on a comment, the page re-loads (which makes me think that it worked) but then my comment just doesn't show up! (And these are blogs that I know do not require comment moderation first.) If I copy and paste what I typed before to try again, I get a "duplicate comment" message - but my comment still doesn't show? Please help, so frustrated :(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have this same problem. It happens on and blogs but not on others. I finally figured out that it's because it defaults to my paid-for domain and then hides the comment, but if I re-type my name in with my hosted URL, it works. Maybe that's your problem? It's still stupid, and telling users to talk to support is useless, because if you have a problem with dotorg but personally have a dotcom, you either can't post or they just tell you to come back here. Both parts of wordpress need to have much better communication with each other.

  3. I have this same problem.

  4. Please fill out as many details as possible here:

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