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    hi, i’ve been having problems posting comments on other blogs – mostly blogspot. i emptied my cache and restarted my browser and computer but no luck. what usually happens is i type in a comment, type in the word verification, then type in my url as an open id: and it keeps telling me it doesn’t recognize the word verification i type in. thanks.



    Posting comments to .blogspot blogs is problematic. Open ID does not always work. That’s because the blogspot comment system only acknolwedges us if we have a blog by the same name as our username. Unless the blogspot blogger sets their comments to Name and URL I don’t even bother to try to leave a comment on a blogspot blog.



    Also note that as this is not a issue you need to report it to Blogger Staff.



    The problem is OpenID. It simply doesn’t work very well. When possible, always use the NAME/URL option.

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