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    This may be a simple thing that I can’t figure out, but for whatever reason, I can’t get my full-sized images to post today. They upload with the correct dimensions (usually about 600×402), but the full-size option is only 590. Why is this happening?
    here’s my site.

    The blog I need help with is



    590 is the width of the original content column. You have widened the theme. Did you set 600 as your new default width in Appearance > Custom Design > CSS > CSS Settings?


    Yes, I believe it’s set to 700.


    Okay, it’s several hours later, and I just tried again, and it worked. Perhaps it was just a temporary glitch.



    I am having the same issue with photo size. My limit is a width 760, custom css on chaotic soul. I cannot load that size, and all of my old posts have smaller photos than what were originally loaded. The html code shows the proper size, but that is not what is shown. Help, please!


    I just discovered the same problem on my blog. Just two days ago, all my photos were showing up their “full” sizes. Now they’re medium sizes. I went through all my posts and every single photo size is literally smaller than before. What can I do about this for my photos to revert back to their old full sizes?



    As smart cookie cook said, mine also went back to normal later in the day. I asked friends how my blog looked to them and the photos were the normal larger size. It might be a problem with your browser, loveantoinette. I did clean the cache and cookies and rebooted earlier in the day. The problem fixed itself.

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