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Can't post images

  1. When i'm writing a post, i click on the image icon and paste the image URL but the dimensions of the image dont automatically populate as usual. In fact, I can't even post an image. I use photobucket has the image, but i don't think that the problem is coming from their end.

  2. I have another blog and I don't have this image posting problem. Does this mean I have to upgrade my blog to accommodate more image space? I'm totally lost on this and am goign insane!!!

  3. can you show us exactly what you're doing? Paste the code here between backticks (`) and we might be able to tell you what's going on. There was a report from another photobucket user earlier today that they were experiencing problems, too.

  4. Thanks for taking a look at this Judyb12.
    Here is the code:

  5. Apparently there has been a problem with images being moved from one server to another that's revealed in this thread

    But I did receive an email back from Support this morning, stating that there was a problem with the images being copied to all of the WordPress servers, which was an internal problem that they were looking into. Hope this is helpful.

    Perhaps the problem stated here is related and perhaps not.

  6. Thanks for the help guys. The problem has been solved

  7. Photobucket had a critical failure last night which has been fixed as well.

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