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Cant post links

  1. hi... i have a problem... i cant post links in my blog...
    the thing is that i put it on my widgets but in the main page they dont apear...
    help plis

  2. Did you place this code in the widget for clickable links:

    But if you have set up a widget and saved it, it might take a few mintues to appear on your blog. Or do what I do and go edit a post, but don't edit anything. Just click save and then it should appear on your main page right away.

  3. thats not the problem... in the side bar i cant put links to another web... or maybe i dont know how to do it well

  4. If you are talking about putting links in your blogroll then you must assign the to categories or they will not show in the sidebar. Perhaps this is the problem.
    dashboard -> blogroll -> add link -> fill in the blanks but, before you click "add link," assign categories
    You've also posted this in the css customization category and I'm assuming this was a mistake.

  5. Moved to support. :)

    May help us help you if you tell us specifically what and how you are trying to add in links. As TT says, you add in links on the blogroll page. Be sure to assign the link to a category and make sure you have your Blogroll widget in your sidebar.

    Hope this helps,

  6. thx i'll check that...

    i'm new to this plas i'm from argentina

  7. i check that and now i can... thank you so much!!

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