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can't post pages script box popup

  1. was able to post short entries earlier as regular entry but can not post in pages. keep getting a popup box about script not running or something. this happened yesterday too. is this a WP issue or am i attempting to load too much text at one time or is it my system?

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about so I'm sorry but I cannot help you and no one else has chimed in. Perhaps sending in a feedback to staff is in order.

  3. i can enter a post but not a page. i attempt to enter a page, get a popup box about script error. if i just push thru that. it takes the page but only the title and not what was entered as text. so trying to find out if WP has a glitch where its not allowing pages only posts or is it something in my system or maybe FireFox. i do not have this issue at any other blog host.

  4. I have never heard of such a thing happening and I'm sorry to hear this is happening to you. It must be extremely frustrating. At this point I recommend that you send in a feedback using the button on the top right hand side of your dashboard and that you include the link to this forum thread in it. Sorry I couldn't be of help.

  5. Might help if we had the error, browser you are using, etc. :)

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