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can't post photos only hyperlinks

  1. I cannot import photos to my blogs. This is a recent problem. Is it not possible to post photos (from computer or android phone) without purchasing upgrade? I hadn't noticed this change, although there have been too many to keep up with lately. These are jpegs. I want the image to appear, not a hyperlink to somewhere else. .
    Thanks for any help.
    Blog url:

  2. What steps are you trying?

  3. Will you please post a link to an example of this so we can examine what's going on?

    Are the images in question hosted on third party sites or have you uploaded them into your Media Library ie. are they on servers?

    Have you tried the troubleshooting images tips found here? >

  4. I've tried all steps under the add media button, including each variant (multi browser, drag and drop, browse). Nothing takes the picture, only a hyperlink appears in the draft. I don't post items until I can get them right. I do have other images taken the same way that were simply inserted using copy and paste. That doesn't work either. The blog I am trying to post to today is . I have the same problem with other blogs, too, today...I just tried one to check this.

  5. These are jpegs.

  6. Oh, they don't go into the media library as images, just links.

  7. The images have to be hosted somewhere online in order to be displayed. Where are the images hosted?

  8. Having them on the computer no longer works? What constitutes an acceptable online host? Why would I want to host them online rather than on my computer? Most online hosts want the copyright to your images, and I cannot do that as I am an artist.

  9. Your computer is not a server. You need to upload the images you have on your computer into your blog so they are in your Media Library. Then and only then when a visitor's browser calls for them to be displayed they will display because the will be on servers and available online.

  10. Ummm....I cannot get them to upload. That was my original question. (See above.) There is no way to upload an image. All that shows is the link, including in the preview. I don't want to publish this until I know the image is there. These forums always seem to devolve into doom-loop questions, don't they?

  11. This isn't an issue that has to do with upgrades at all.

    Which browser and version of it are you using please?
    What happens when you try to upload them?
    What size are the images?
    See here >

  12. In the preview, a link shows. Not a picture. I don't want a link showing instead of the picture when someone views the blog. I do not want people to have to click a link to see the picture. In the media library, what shows is a picture of a blank blog page. What shows in the screen when I try to upload is information on the link, but nothing showing the actual image, so I cannot even check to see if the right image uploaded. There seems to be an app for video uploads (which I had hoped to do but not if I cannot get even still photos up...where did they go, by the way, if this is not an upgrade issue? This wasn't a problem until recently.) I'm signing off now. Wasted two and a half hours on this already. What an inconvenient system.

  13. Which browser and version of it are you using please?

  14. Can you give us an actual link that appears instead of the image? That might help the troubleshooting.

  15. Just posted (for no more than 5 minutes...I don't like leaving crap up for long). an interview with: Jeff Carlson. the words shrike and jeff are all that actually appears.
    Why and when did WordPress change how photos are posted? This started less than a month ago and it really is annoying enough to make me consider switching to another platform. If I'm going to have to pay, I might as well pick something easier to use.

  16. From a recent post from WordPress, there was some sort of change to posting photos.
    Have posted many pictures successfully in past, until a couple of weeks ago.
    Am unable to get an image to upload to the media library from computer.
    Keep getting told the image must be hosted on the web with another site (presumably tumblr or flickr etc) or another website (why would I want to create a website somewhere else just to be able to host the images so I could transfer them to WP???). I have not changed browsers or anything else in the last two weeks. But now pictures won't upload.

  17. Note that I flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  18. @timethief. If you would read before you respond, you wouldn't annoy people so much. In my response to your first inquiry, I made it clear that I cannot actually upload the image to the media library (with WordPress as the subsequent host). I am well aware that the computer is not a host server. It is, however, through the WP media library (which you recognized as a host in one of your comments and I had stated was where I was trying to upload my pictures to). If using that term loosely confused you so that you had to be rude in your response, perhaps it would be better if you and I don't communicate any longer. I am afraid that you are a prime example of why I hate the use of forums instead of actual customer service.

  19. Hey there,

    You should be able to upload images in the post editor, or through the upload new media page in your blog's dashboard.

    Looking at your blog, it appears as if you haven't uploaded any media since early June. Did you delete the results of your failed upload attempts?

    This guide details the several different methods of adding images. Please take a look through it, and let me know at what step any problems appear.


  20. I also think WordPress would realize that relying on these forums leaves beginners unable to get courteous help in trying to learn. If they only want experts who already know how to program, they will severely limit the number of people using their product. Most people don't want to be computer programmers, nor should they need to be. Plumbers fix plumbing. Carpenters build houses. Writers write stories. Computer geeks program. But the users of the end products don't need to know how to maintain the product.

  21. If using that term loosely confused you so that you had to be rude in your response, perhaps it would be better if you and I don't communicate any longer. I am afraid that you are a prime example of why I hate the use of forums instead of actual customer service.

    I was not rude. You launched a personal attack . You're dismissed.

  22. @ncprism: Please email us at and we'll be happy to help you directly.

  23. Hello, pcrumm...Have read the link and tried the suggestions there unsuccessfully several times. Just tried 'add new media' again, several times, unsuccessfully with different files. I have tried with more than one of my WP blogs. (I maintain 4 WP blogs and use WP as sitebuilder for 2 websites -- one with BlueHost and one with FatCow.) All that transfers from the computer to the media library is a blank page. The problem started within the last month or so. I will just have to figure it out on my own, I guess. I forgot WP doesn't offer help with its sitebuilding program. I would email bryanvillarin but the email provided (I saw it just before going to a meeting awhile ago) was redacted and so that isn't a potentially useful possibility now. I dislike intensely the ability of the so-called 'help' on these forums to label one as having launched a personal attack when one points out that, after much aggressive questioning on their part, the 'help' gets back to asking you the question you initially sought help with. That makes me a troublemaker for pointing out that my original question was ignored in favor of someone utilizing the 'forum' to dazzle with their knowledge, if not their actual interest in helping others.

  24. Several have tried to help, but you keep repeating the same things, declining to answer direct questions and finger-pointing.

    The only other thing I can suggest is to try another computer in case there is some kind of problem with yours.

  25. Have posted many pictures successfully in past,

    How many? Is there any chance your media library is full to capacity?

    Asked at least twice above:

    Which browser and version of it are you using please?

    But as yet unanswered.

  26. Hey there,

    It looks like you've uploaded a docx file to your blog--you can view it on the home page of your media library. I went ahead and tested things using the directions I specified above, and was able to upload this puppy just fine.

    Are you sure you tried to upload an image file?


  27. I've gone ahead and contacted you privately regarding this problem, via email. Please go ahead and reply at your leisure--I'm going to close this topic in the meantime.


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