can’t post! problem w. rights??

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    I can’t post, the posting page won’t allow me to post.
    I’m the administrator. I should also be the author, editor, etc.

    I added a user the other day, so I could link a blog

    thanks. everything is at a standstill now!



    You’ll get a quicker resolution to this if you send feedback via your dashboard.

    What error message do you get when trying to post?



    the error message makes no sense:
    “Sorry, you have to enable referrers to use that feature”

    I ALWAYS enable referrers. I double checked and that’s still true. I send referrers to all urls, in all applications.

    so I think it’s my user rights. I added a user over the weekend, so I could integrate a blog
    anyway, now I can’t post!!!!



    Would you remove the second user from my blog
    (that second user is ME w. a different blog and login name)
    and make my main user — the administrator, that’s me
    the only user. And could you or someone who can do this,
    check my user rights, maybe they’ve been smashed up in your database.

    I didn’t have any problems before this
    and maybe it will all go away if you get rid of the second user.

    I won’t add a second user again. I read the blog and decided to implement that option but it went horribly wrong and now I can’t post

    for your help



    can’t post or edit
    w. ui
    still having the same error message
    it’s past midnight… 12:10 am
    maybe tomorrow
    my intuition feels it is a glitch w. either the user interface or the user database.

    I use Firefox and have no stomach to use IE
    IE is too risky
    Is it possible that you tightened the security up so much
    that legitimate users are locked out, even after they’ve logged in.
    I always send referrers
    but perhaps one or more of your links does not send
    the requisite referrer handle and I have no way of fixing it to your satisfaction.

    good night.
    I’ll try again tomorrow … or not…

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