can't post question on someone's blogpost blog using wordpress ….why?

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    sorry did not see an answer to this?
    sorry if I missed it

    The blog I need help with is



    sadly I just checked..I got no replies…



    Every blogger can choose whether or not to post comments they receive. None of us are compelled to post comments we receive. Every blogger can moderate comments and every blogger can choose which comment set up to use. It’s always difficult to post comments on blogspot (Blogger) blogs unless the blogger chooses to set their comments up for only username and URL. OpenID is hit and miss but registering a Blogger blog which one doesn’t use can be a means of posting comments to blogspot blogs too.



    If you are not referring to a Blogger (blogspot) blog then I apologize for misunderstanding you. However, the other information I posted in the first three sentences above applies if you are referring to a comment you submitted to a or blog.



    But it gives u a chance to respnd if u are a have a wordpress URL. It says
    URL:// so I tried that!
    and I guess I cant communicate with her:(



    Not every blogger is available every day via their blog. Many bloggers are hobby bloggers so perhaps your comment is in moderation waiting for approval.



    maybe I am not explaining myself well. sorry
    At the end where it says comment. As soon as I try to comment with my wordpress ID does not even let me post because it says that my wordpress usermane ID is invalid. so…thats what I mean.
    if u go on her site..and try to post ..yourself you will see what I am talking about. Can u please go there or any blog post blog and try to comment where it says put your wordpress user name in.
    hope that clarifies it or I give up.



    Will you please provide us with some details so we can try to help you?

    As soon as I try to comment with my wordpress ID does not even let me post because it says that my wordpress usermane ID is invalid

    Have you changed your username at any time?

    1. How are you connecting to the internet and to The way you connect to the internet (mobile, satellite, DSL, dial-up) and to your blog, and how many proxy server jumps etc. it takes to connect can cause problems. There maybe be problems with your ISP and/or with the proxy servers.

    2. Are you using http:// or https:// see

    3.Which browser and version of it are you using?

    4. Have you tried clearing your browser cache and cookies?

    5. Is your browser version up to date? You can upgrade any browser version here.

    6. Do you have third party cookies enabled?

    7. Do you have JavaScript enabled?

    8. Do you have another browser you can try?

    9. You can use this link to see if your Flash is up to date. If it’s not up to date then this is where to download and install the latest version of Flash.

    10. Have you had any recent operating system and/or security program updates?
    Sometimes operating system and/or security system updates can cause problems so check for known issues. When you make adjustments to your browser settings — changing privacy settings, deleting cookies or increasing security — you will need to close your window and restart the browser before those new settings become effective.

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