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Can't preview after buying domain through WP

  1. I bought the domains for and from WP yesterday. The blogs seem to be mapping, but today, when I preview posts, I get a 404 error. What do I need to do to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I suggest just waiting. Both URLs are working fine for me, and it's possible they're just taking time to settle in.

  3. My viewing stats have also collapsed. Is this related? Am I only getting counts going to not including I figured out that I can get to the preview by putting the wordpress extension back in. Will things eventually come together?

  4. Do NOT change back and forth between them. Just wait.

    Yes, the stats will go down when the DNS is settling. But if you change it back, the process starts all over again, so just leave it where it is. The stats count all hits going to BOTH URLs.

  5. Okay - I'll sit tight. Thanks!

  6. How long will this process take? My readers are starting to complain because their comments aren't showing. I get the notifications, they show as approved, but aren't posted. This is getting really frustrating. I can't preview, I can't get my stats, and I'm afraid I'm losing readers and won't even know it. Any suggestions?

  7. Finally working :) Equilibrium triggered by venting, like the car that starts working the minute you take it to the shop.

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