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    I recently published an article but didn’t receive a confirming email and it did not show up under the tags in the reader. I have less than the 15 max tags, and site is public, and I’ve cleared cookies, and I’ve tried republishing and copying, but it’s not appearing in reader. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is


    You’ve posted so many times about this and nearly all your queries have been closed (by staff). Please – if you must ask support questions, only ask them once. And be patient for replies. I’m replying to this one – though it’s an earlier on – so that you don’t do this again.

    Firstly, your first query – four months ago – was answered by Staff here. Perhaps you didn’t see the reply. Here it is:

    If you want to see the topics you’ve posted, you can see them all here, via your forum profile:

    Okay, now some advice from me:

    The tags (topics) page does not show all posts from everyone all the time. There are millions of people using blogs on WordPress, if they were all to show, the topics page would be overloaded.

    However, a few tips (having looked at your blog): don’t repeat the same tags as categories – both tags and categories are counted just as tags by so when you use two fo the same (for instance, a ‘health’ tag and a ‘health’ category, that’s unecessary.

    Use as few tags and categories as you can get away with and try to think like someone who is looking for them, in other words, use more commonly searched for terms, and use popular ones. I never use more than 10 tags and categories in total.

    The other thing is – from what I can see from your home page, most of your posts are reblogs. It’s much more likely that the original post will appear on the topics page than reblogs, as they were there first! Do yourself a favour and fill your blog with your own, original writing, not other people’s – it’s not a good way to get a readership for your own blog – people want to read original posts.


    Thanks for replying but you sound more like you are assuming negative things and lecturing me than helping. How about taking a positive approach.

    First, my post months ago turned out to be a problem that I was not aware of, of too many tags, and that was corrected. Second, I got seriously ill about 4 months ago and stopped writing so did a few reblogs to keep the site going, and recently I did reblogs to test the new reader issue.

    When I used to write articles or reblog they would always show up in reader, so this is news to me that not all appear. I posted a really good article a few weeks ago and that didn’t show up in reader. Thanks for your category/tag duplication tip.

    And as far as reposting this question, I had been trying to seek an answer for weeks with no reply from tech. Don’t assume the worst about your bloggers. It would be appreciated if you actually tried to help with kindness and gave good customer service.


    I always help with kindness. My apologies if it sounded otherwise.

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