Can’t Publish Polls

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    I can’t get my polls to work either no send to editor option. Is it because i have a one column theme.



    1. The theme you’re using isn’t widget-aware, which means you cannot have a poll in its bottombar. You can very well have a poll in a post or a page.

    2. The “Send to Editor” button appears when you create a poll via the button in the post or page editor, because then it is already associated with that particular post or page. There can be no “Send to Editor” when you create a poll via “Polls” in the dashboard sidebar.

    3. So, click “Polls”, click “HTML code”, copy the shortcode, paste it where you want the poll to show up.



    Hi there,

    I’m not the most advanced, but I’ve created a poll and can’t get it to show up on my page. My blog is:

    Any suggestions? It’s created. Just won’t published.


    Hi. Read my last post above, points 2 & 3.



    I have read all these and still cannot publish a poll. I can see it in polls and preview but not when I go to my blog. My site is

    I set up account in daddypolls or whatever it is as well as trying to create one through polls from the dashboard.

    I am a total novice. Thanks for any help.


    I was able to publish a poll to my sidebar, but what I would really like to do is to have a button which pops up a separate window instead of smashing the poll into the sidebar and cutting half of it off. Can anyone suggest different shortcode?


    Never mind. I decided to add a page and put it there. Thanks!



    I was abble t publish a poll but when the results pop up more than half of the poll is blank??
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated/



    When I pull up edit polls then press preveiw it shows up half way blank and I can’t publish it either!
    Please help me figure out whats wrong!



    Can anyone give a good answer to this problem everybody has? So, I repeat what others wrote: The poll is OK to edit, to preview, BUT HOW ON EARTH CAN I PUBLISH IT? I did exactly what panaghiotisadam wrote in points 2&3 and all I got is a page with the question of my poll… My blog:
    Where is this button “Send to editor”?


    @daimadeadun: My post above says where the button is and isn’t. But I can see a poll alright on this page:

    Maybe there’s something wrong with your browser. Try logging out and clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.



    Thx. In the meantime, I did it!



    I started my blog last night and I can create new polls, but I, for the life of me, CANNOT find the poll anywhere on my blog!!



    @seleko: Since you found the right thread, you could have checked previous posts too:

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