can't purchase the pro bundle…

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    Okay and now for my SECOND attempt, I tried to purchase the Pro Bundle and put in the required info and get this –
    “The transaction cannot complete successfully. Please check the billing address and expiration date or try another card. Please contact your bank if you have further problems.”
    The WordPress window does NOT allow one to enter billing address info. Problematic when trying to purchase. Any other retailer gives a window for that billing address crap.
    What is the problem WordPress? I can guarantee you that my Mary’s credit card is NOT the problem. The problem is how you’ve set up the purchase thingy.
    So? Help me and criminy, at least give me the courtesy of a “fuck off and die as, we don’t want your business” or “here’s what you need do.”
    Lastly, why is this so goddamn hard? To contact WordPress or to get the freaking damn purchase thingy to work?
    Yeah, I’m just a little pissed about all this.
    don nash

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello WordPress? Is there anyone there? Anyone almost but not necessarily human? Jebus Freaking H. Christ, why do you (WordPress) make this so irritatingly difficult?
    angry oh yeah,
    don nash

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