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Cant put a picture in Comment

  1. I cant post a picture in the comment deletes the code everytime is this blog setting or theme issue? (im posting a comment to my own blog)

  2. You will have to upload the image into a post or onto a page. The programming will continue to strip out any image, embeds, iframes or javascript anyone attempts to enter into the comment box. This is to maintain security as we are working on a shared multiuser blogging platform.

  3. Thanks, sorry about the other post... so if i install the wordpress software on my own servers i would be able to post pix?

  4. No problem Let's move on to address the question. You can upload images into posts and into pages in a blog which has a different code base from a blog. You have a 50 meg limit on images at The instructions for inserting images can be found in the FAQs blog
    But you cannot insert images into comments boxes on blogs. Just stop for a minute and think of the spamming potential that would open up if you could leave images in comment boxes on your own or any other blog at will. I could visit your blog and leave a javascript security bomb in your blog comment boxes or I could leave you an image laden with a virus, etc.
    If you are considering self hosting then the post you ought to read is the pink sticky at the head of the forum titled "please read me first before posting" because it describes the differences between and

  5. cool & thanks i have a full understanding now.

  6. Happy blogging! :)

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