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    When I select some text and click on the link icon, I see a popup div, but the div has all the php variables instead of labels ( {$lang_insert_link_url} etc.). I also see a javascript error. When I enter the URL and click on {$lang_insert} button, nothing happens. :(

    I could’ve posted a screenshot here, but looks like there’s no such facility. :(



    Do you have a hosted blog?

    If so, what is your operating system, browser and browser version?

    If not (if you have a self-hosted blog), then you need to be be asking over at . See the sticky at the head of the forums for the distinction.


    Yes…my blog is

    My OS: Windows XP professional SP2
    Browser: IE6

    Intriguingly, my older blog ( doesn’t seem to have this problem. (I imported all my posts from sumedhsays to smallnothings, as I wanted to change the URL).

    Thanks a million for the help you are offering.

    Could I post a screenshot of the error somewhere, so it’ll be a lot easier to understand the issue?


    You can upload the screenshot to your blog and then post the URL to it here. I’ll let someone else help you with the rest of your question since I am not sure what is going on.


    As a general first step, I would suggest the “cookie and cache” dance.

    Log out of wordpress clear your browser cookies and cache, then log back in and try again and see what if it will work.

    It may also be a browser issue. Do you have another browser, such as Firefox on your computer? If so, give it a try. If not, you can download firefox and give it a try. If it works, then you can continue to use firefox, if it does not, then you can always uninstall it.

    Link to Firefox download:

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