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Can't Rank Links on Sidebar

  1. Hi,
    I have links on the sidebar that I want to change the order of. When I try ranking them, it doesn't move them. How do I fix this?


  2. links in your blogroll are always arranged alphabetically. the only way to rearrange them is perhaps to put numbers? otherwise, use a text widget to arrange your links.

  3. Thanks, Sluz-
    But how can I move down the Sitemeter, which is above some of the links?

  4. the sitemeter is arranged alphabetically which is why it's in between your links. it your sitemeter has an image, just rename is as 'zsitemeter' which will push it last in your blogroll since it's ordered alphabetically, or 'asitemeter' if you want it at the top.

  5. Oh my gosh, you are brilliant, Sulz! That solved the problem! Can I throw one more at you? I have a graphic link- how do I add text, so that it reads:
    Site sponsored by: (graphic)

    Thanks sooo much for your help!

  6. "Site sponsored by" might be in conflict with the policy against ads. After all, your site is free, provided by WordPress. What, exactly, does the graphic say?

    I think you might have to put that one in its own text widget.

  7. dashboard -> manage -> links

    edit your link, (click on the name of the link to edit) then put your words in the description box. when you hover over the link in your sidebar, those words will appear. otherwise, raincoaster's suggestion works as well too.

    but take note of what raincoaster says. if it's against the tos, staff might suspend your blog for that!

  8. Thanks for the head's up. I think you're right- it would look like a sponsorship. I was just trying to link to my home website but will nix that idea! Thanks for everyone's help!


  9. You can for sure put a link to your regular website, just maybe not "sponsored by." I've got all my blogs in the blogroll under "raincoaster media group" so it looks like an official company.

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