can’t register another blog

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    I’m trying to add a new blog (I have one now, sheIsTooFondOfBooks), but the system isn’t allowing my cursor to go in the blank to type in the name of the blog.
    I can type in the description of the blog on the next line, but am unable to input into “blog domain” (*blank*



    What browser and version are you using?

    Try the Cookie Dance: log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart. See if that helps. Usually it does.


    “Cookie Dance”, I like that! Well, I cleared cookies and browser cache, and restarted … no luck.
    I am unable to even click my cursor into the blank box (where I want to input blog domain name).
    Any other ideas? Thanks!



    sheis – It’s a common glitch. If you know for certain the url you want, just enter it into your browser’s navigation bar, complete with at the end. If it’s available, you’ll be taken to the right spot with it ready to go.





    Yes, typing the desired url into the browser got me into the “blank” … all set up now.
    Thanks to everyone who responded!

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