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Can't remove admin login button?

  1. The theme I am using is putting an admin login button in my navigation. How do I remove/hide it?

  2. Found it, it's in header.php

  3. Just for your information, since you have access to your php files, that means you are self-hosted using the software from We here on do not have access to the underlying files and will not be able to help you with your self-hosted install. You need to ask over at .

  4. or - the difference?

  5. My question is quite the opposite: how do I insert admin login button (or even the simple login button)? I am using the Connections template, by Patricia Müller. Could that be the reason? Is there a way around it? Thanks in advance.

    Is this your blog? If you go to Dashboard > Presentation > Widgets you can drag the meta widget into your sidebar; if you click site admin that should take you to your dashboard, if that's what you want?

  7. Yes, that's right, is my blog. This is my first "solo" experience with WordPress, so I am often at a loss with it. I just did what you suggested. Works fine. Thank you :).


  8. You're welcome. Glad to see it's working! :) If you want to, you can link your username here to your blog by going to the top of this page, clicking View Your Profile, Edit and putting your blog address in the Website area. That means if you need help in the future, we'll be able to find your blog right away.

    Happy blogging. :)

  9. Done. Thanks for the tip.

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