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Can't remove image border

  1. Can anyone help me? I'm trying to remove the border that is on my image posts using the Benevolence theme. I've been playing with the CSS preview (am going to buy full CSS upgrade once I figure this out fully) and I've managed to change the colour of the border, but it seems to be linked with the text hover colours within the post area for this theme. Does anyone know the proper place for me to be looking within the CSS? I've tried searching the code for every possible "border" and changing it to "0px" but non of them work. Here is the page I'm talking about:

  2. ps. please and thank you!

  3. img a:hover{border:none}

  4. similar to atthe404's code, what you want is this:

    a img, a:hover img {
     border: none;

    you can't really get rid of the dotted line at the bottom without adding a class to your links.
    <a href='http://' class="imagelink"><img src="http://" /></a>
    which would allow you to use:
    a.imagelink:hover { border-bottom: 0; }

    you can get a little tricky with this stuff, this will only work for firefox 2 and other super modern browsers, and only on images you upload within wordpress (wp automatically adds rel="attachment" to your thumbnail links):

    a img, a:hover img, a[rel~="attachment"]:hover {
     border: none;
    border-bottom: none;

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