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    i am using tarski theme, and i just wanted to see what the footer widget would look like, so i dragged archives button from the “available widgets” section to the “footer widgets” section, and i didn’t like how it looked on my blog. So i dragged it back to “available widgets”, but it keeps drag back to the “footer widgets” section. Surprisingly, if i can drag it back and forth with the “main widgets”. Please help me remove this archives widget.



    I clicked on the username here prior to typing my fingers off giving instructions. This is what I found: “The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.” If it turns out that you have another blog please post again.



    We already have a couple of threads on this but I do note that I can’t remove the widgets either in IE7. The boxes in the available widget area don’t move and you can’t drop the widget that you are trying to remove.

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