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Can't renew domain name

  1. liznightingalefph


    I can't renew the domain name

    When I go to pay, the "renew" button is not there. The domain name ran out on October 16 and does not appear to be being used by anyone else.

    How do I get it back?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Howdy, I see that Phil already responded to your question via email. Please reply to his email if you have any more questions - thanks!

  3. liznightingalefph

    Yes, it's all working now, thank you for your prompt help.

  4. Hello support folks,

    I'm having the same problem. I can't renew the domain name

    When I go to pay, the "renew" button is not there. There is a message that it will expire on November 15. How do I renew?


  5. You need to be logged in as the account that purchased the upgrade to renew the upgrade

  6. @ahayden07: you are not able to renew the upgrade because it was purchased by another admin on your site. They can either renew it themselves, or they can post on this thread asking to transfer the upgrade to you so that you can renew it.

  7. liznightingalefph

    Thanks very much - this is now resolved and I'm managed to log in with the other account. It's strange because I have renewed the account before with my usual account but it didn't work this time. Anyway, it's done now which is the main thing.

  8. Thanks, Jenia. We'll do the transfer today. Appreciate your help very much.

  9. You are welcome!

  10. Jenia,

    This is Ann Amberg--I have been the main admin on the domain name and would now like to transfer the upgrade to Anne Hayden ([email redacted]). I attempted to change the email for the account to [email redacted]. [email redacted] should now be the only admin account for that domain. Anne would like to renew this domain.

    Thanks so much for your help
    Ann Amberg

  11. @annamberg: I've moved the domain mapping and registration to the user @ahayden07 as per your request. She can now view and renew the upgrade under Store > My Upgrades.

  12. Thanks so much, Jenia. All is resolved. A Hayden

  13. You are welcome! :)

  14. Hi there - I love WP, hoping I can get help as well. My domain for expired and I need to renew it immediately. I ran the site with my now ex-boyfriend and he got the emails about it expiring but we haven't been in touch. I'm going to continue running it. I wrote an email to support but haven't heard back yet. Let me know if there's anything you can do - I don't want to lose the site. Thnx!

  15. @sugarnthunder: I sent the $18 payment link for the registration renewal of to the email address associated with the "sugarnthunder" (the one you are logged in with). Note that you can also enable automatic renewal via Store > My Upgrades.

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