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Can't renew expired domain

  1. We have never received an email from you with a screenshot, and received no replies between ours on January 8 and the one you sent February 22.

    Regarding the notification process, you receive three emails, one a month before, another a week before, and another a few days before (either 3 or 2).

    At this point, the domain is legally owned by someone else, so there is nothing that we can do.

  2. I have record of the email with the screenshot, as well as the screen shot. I'd be happy to resend.
    I have no record of your emails. To what email address? On what days? I've scoured everything, I have no emails.

    I am begin dead honest with all of this.

    I believe there is something you can do if there was a breakdown in communications.

    Can you not work with GoDaddy to approach the new owner and explain the situation?
    We are all human beings at the end of the day and I would think that a little help and explanation is all it would take.

    Again, we are a non-profit, part of the Boys and Girls Club. There was a breakdown in the system that did not allow us to renew. We tried. We didn't receive any emails about renewal or expiration and we sent communications to you all detailing our problems.

  3. Please contact us via [email redacted] about this.

    There may be something that we can do, but I can't make any promises.

  4. Thank You. Any help at all would be appreciated. I've written via email as you suggested.

  5. How long does it normally take for a support response?
    I just don't want to be sitting around and waiting if it's going to be days.

    I've got people trying to visit our site for grants and such and it's down and I need to decide what to do. :(


  6. Staff cannot make any promises as was stated above. The domain expiered and it was resold someone else. You have contacted Staff by email. Please be patient while waiting for them to get back to you.

  7. @Timethief, Thank You for your response and Macmanx, I appreciate your help and I believe he said specifically "I can't make any promises." even though he said he'd try to help.

    I still have heard no response via email (from multiple emails).

    This problem has persisted for quite some time (over a week) are there any other avenues to take to elevate the issue and get at least some sort of direction?

    This is, as I am sure you can imagine, a long time to have your website down.

  8. Turn off your domain mapping so your base site is visible again - then you can use the unmapped site - send an email to your supporters and explain that your domain name renewal was messed up and you have a temporary site up with all the old content still on it - as an added bonus the unmapped URL will still work after you get the domain name fixed

  9. You can also pay ahead on the domain (I assume the domain payments work the same as Domain Mapping) - turn off the Auto Renew then manually renew the domain registration - then repeat until things are a bit into the future - no lost money unless you abandon the name as WordPress.COM is a low cost registrar and you can point the name servers to another host if you move. Then turn the auto renew on once things are into the future - NOTE - if the Auto Renew is not active you will get a big red "EXPIRING" notice and you need to look at the date to understand that the world is not ending.

    I don't have my name registered here but I keep it paid a few years into the future - I have had enough surprises when the bank changed credit card numbers on me - my domain mapping is paid ahead so no rude surprises -

  10. We've redirected to our site.
    We now know to register years in advance.
    Again, we tried to renew. Multiple times when we saw the notice on our dashboard.
    We NEVER got any email alerts it was expiring.

    We never heard back from support. :(

    Now, we are in a lovely bidding war with some nameless person and have had to pay $69.95 for the privilege of trying to buy our own site back.
    Though the site was appraised at $68, someone is trying to sell it to us for $500.


    I would highly advise that wordpress switch to Bluehost as your go-to domain registration company. WAY more ethical and wonderful to work with. GoDaddy sucks. And they are extortionists.

  11. I have always used a separate host and just used wordpress for mapping. I mainly did this so I could keep my and .org domain names with one provider. From what you say I'm glad that I did.

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