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Can't renew expired domain

  1. Got an email saying We just noticed that you may not have received our notifications about your domain name '' expiring on January 5th, 2012.

    This was due to a technical glitch on our end that has now been fixed, please accept our apologies about that.

    I got this on 2/1 and I cannot figure out how to renew

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please reply directly to the email and we'll help you sort this out.

  3. I am replying to the above email again, can you help me get my blog running again?

  4. If you replied to the email, our upgrade department will contact you shortly.

  5. I'm also having problems and now our website is down! ARGH!
    I tried to renew multiple times and every time I tried it said the offer expired in 1971!!!
    I can't renew it anywhere.
    Someone please help. We are a non-profit for the Boys & Girls club and we just spent some money to advertise ourselves and our site is down.
    I've emailed a few times to the upgrade department, and they were no help.

  6. Hello there,
    What is the underlying subdomain blog URL that you are domain mapping from?
    What is the URL for the domain?

  7. centerforahealthylifestyle, I'm sorry, but your domain expired on January 6 and may be owned by someone else now.

    I have contacted our registrar partner to confirm this.

  8. I have heard back from our registrar partner, and the domain was definitely purchased by someone else earlier this week.

  9. That's a whole lotta boloney! I tried to renew MULTIPLE TIMES and it listed the renewal date as 1971! I have email correspondence that it didn't work! How could someone else buy it when I couldn't renew it due to a glitch?!?!?

    How can I find who purchased it?
    How can I fix this?

    We are a non profit that desperately needs our URL!

  10. That's a whole lotta boloney! I tried to renew MULTIPLE TIMES and it listed the renewal date as 1971! I have email correspondence that it didn't work! How could someone else buy it when I couldn't renew it due to a glitch?!?!?

    How can I find who purchased it?
    How can I fix this?

    We are a non profit that desperately needs our URL!

  11. You will have to contact staff directly via your Dashboard.

  12. I have. No response yet.

  13. It can take awhile but since there was a glitch on their side that prevented it, there may be something they can do.

  14. I hope so. I mean, it was $8, I tried to pay. I took photos of the screen and everything. :(

  15. troyanthonysmith


    I am also having this same problem. I am trying to renew my blog and I am getting no response from the help team. My site is now down, I have sent 2 emails and have gotten no response. the domain is my name,

  16. This thread has already been flagged for Staff attention and there's nothing more we Volunteers can do for you .

  17. centerforahealthylifestyle, we have no history of transactions on your account since the initial domain purchase. The full domain renewal would have been $25, not $8. If you have had email correspondence with us, please tell me your ticket ID # so I can investigate.

    troyanthonysmith, your domain expired on January 3 and has since been purchased by someone else.

  18. troyanthonysmith

    do I have any recourse? This is my name, don't I have a legal right to my name?

  19. That may be your name, but I bet there are other Troy Anthony Smiths around. The legal owner of the domain is the individual who purchased it after you allowed it to expire.

  20. Macmanx, here is my ticketID##1067427
    I had received an email from Karim.
    I also have a screen grab from 1/4/2012 that shows I was not able to renew because the offer "expired" (when my renewal date was 1/6/2012)

  21. We replied asking for more info on January 8. At this time, the domain would have still been renewable under the grace period.

    Unfortunately, you didn't reply to this until February 22, which is well after the domain had expired.

  22. troyanthonysmith

    Macmanx, they are offering for me to purchase it back for 280.00 on Godaddy??? Is this legal? It sounds like extortion

  23. Unfortunately, that is legal. As legal owners of the domain name, they have the right to sell it at which ever price they desire.

  24. The expired domain market is part of an industry centered on buying and selling domains and there are no regulatory price controls on penalties and redemption fees. What’s charged is what the market is willing to pay. There are even some Registrars that make millions in revenue on their domain auctioning business.
    OMG! My Domain Name Expired

  25. @Macmanx, I did reply back. I sent photos of my screen saying my renewal had expired to prove the glitch (when, indeed, it was 2 days before).

    The truth of the matter is this: you have record of me, the website owner and creator, trying to pay before the renewal was up. There was a glitch. I couldn't pay. You have a ticket number saying there was a problem. I have record of my replies. The issue of me not being able to renew my website was never resolved, and now? Someone else was able to buy it.

    As stated before, we are a non-profit, part of the Boys & Girls Clubs, we have business cards, tv advertising and newsletters ALL pointing to that URL. Not to mention stickers, fliers and more. Someone, somewhere, should do the right thing and see that we are good people, who tried to renew and couldn't.

    My goodness, just help us.

  26. centerforahealthylifestyle,
    The chances are that your domain has been brought by a speculator - someone who waits for domains to expire and buys them in the hope of selling them at a profit. shows a godaddy page. You can ask them to put you in contact with the owner, who will probably want to sell it to you at a ridiculous price (like troyanthonysmith being offered his for $280).

    You could try appealing to their better nature because you are a non-profit organisation, but you are dealing with the scum of the earth here - making money out of people forgetting to renew.

  27. GoDaddy said they won't put me in contact with the new owner unless I give them $60. And then I have to give a low/high offer. I don't know how I'd be able to appeal to their better nature. If you have any advice on how to do this with any kind of messaging, I'd be willing to listen.

    And, it wasn't that we forgot to renew, we tried multiple times and were not able to. Our renewal date was listed as January 6, 1971. Everytime we went to renew it said we had 'expired' since it is 2012, and not 1971.

  28. Another question: What IS the notification process that a website is up for renewal or expired? Is there an email? Is it just an alert in your dashboard?

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