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Can't replace header image

  1. I have customized the CSS - just changed colours of Misty theme - and have updated the URLs to absolute URLs as suggested in this forum in response to the images disappearing.

    However, the header image is the default misty image. My own image isn't appearing even though it says it is under the Custom image header section.

    It's very frustrating. Am I missing something obvious?

    The blog's at:


  2. Yes, if you're using the CSS upgrade, you'll need to put the link to your custom header in the CSS. It will override the usual custom header import as you've noticed.

  3. Thanks for replying. Unfortunately that didn't work. When I put a link to my own image uploaded to WordPress nothing appeared. Out of frustration I put the image on a different server and linked to that. The image appears now.

  4. Strange. We've had issues with private blogs not displaying images, but not with public ones. Can you give me the URL of the image you uploaded for your header so I can see if it opens for me?

  5. Hi

    I thought that once I had uploaded my image, this is where it would be. However, no image appeared. If I changed it to misty.jpg the default header image was shown.

  6. You didn't by chance upload the image on one blog and try to use it on another? I'm getting a 404 from that as well. But normally the first thing between / and would be your blogname.

    Maybe you should try uploading it again? It's a long shot.

  7. The images was definitely uploaded to the correct blog (it appeared on the custom header page). I tried uploading the image several times, including going back to the default image and then uploading my image again. I think I'm going to stick with using an image on a different server and linking to that.

  8. Wait. I think that's the issue.

    An image that you insert into custom CSS can't be uploaded via the Custom Header option. You've got to upload the same image using the regular Image Uploader on the Write Post page. Then, grab the URL. Put THAT URL in the code.

    It's a total grind, but that's how it has to be done. Essentially, that's what you're doing with hosting it on another server. There was a long thread last year that went into details about where the Custom Uploader uploaded images go vs the others, but I can't find it.

  9. Yes, thanks, that works. It's a bit of a nightmare though - I never would have worked it out unless you'd told me.

  10. I didn't work it out myself, I just lost my header a couple of times and it burned the answer right into my very soul. I read it on some ancient thread.

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