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Can't save pics all of the sudden

  1. WP will save my pics, but will not allign them, insert them or wrap text. It will not retain Style info I insert at the gallery or media library. I am performing it the same way this week as last. Have tried it using Chrome (on both PC and a Mac) and Safai (mac only of course).

    It also will not switch back and forth between Visual and HTML - even when cache is emptied.

    Here's what I've tried -
    Inserting through gallery and media library
    Saving changes before inserting post
    Uploading to Media Library before inserting into post
    Doing everything in HTML
    Saving and refreshing the cache after every small change to pic file

    I gather it's better to enter pics in HTML mode b/c everytime I try visual it immediately disregards the changes.

    New to web publishing here, so apologies if this is not enough info, or if it's placed in the wrong forum.

    I have exhausted hours trying to simply get text to wrap - have tried video tutorials which I am following to the letter.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. WordPress certainly abandoned support.


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