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can't see a page I've posted

  1. Hi,
    I've created a new page "about beth" with content just written directly upon it. It has a parent page, home, i've updated and deleted and re-created it a couple of times but no matter what I do it can not find it when I look at my website. It is listed with all the other pages in my menu, and on the pages page...everything seems in order, but it can't be found for some reason unless I 'search' for it when looking at my website....
    please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. spelling is fine

  3. a) You're using a custom menu. You need to go to Appearance > Menus and correct it.
    b) There's absolutely no point publishing all your pages as child pages to Home.

  4. it turns out my 'menu' was holding onto an older version of the page, i didn't realize i had to delete and update my menu 'manually' so to speak. I don't understand what you mean by publishing all my pages as child pages to home...Have I done this?

  5. a) Yes, the whole point of a custom menu is that it displays what you tell it to display: it doesn't update automatically like the regular top menu does.
    b) Yes, you've done this; if you click on the the top level menu items you'll see that their URLs are all like this: SLUG HERE/
    You can go to Pages > All Pages, hover over each one of these four pages, click Quick Edit, select "Main Page" from the Parent pulldown, click Update.

  6. thanks! that's cleaner for sure.
    seeing as you seem to really know your stuff...can I ask it possible to remove that "home" seen on the main page?

  7. HA ...don't worry about answering that...I've figured it out. thanks again

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