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can't see Freshly pressed, Read blogs or Topics

  1. Its interesting that I could never get the reader to work on my Droid until it stopped on my laptop. Now I get it on my droid, but not on my laptop. This is very frustrating problem. I have seen multiple threads on the issue, and seen no staff responses. What gives?

  2. FWIW- Cookies and Temp Internet Files cleared. Cookies enabled. Connecting through my cable company. When the problem started I could see FP and the topics in my Reader, but the blogs I follow were not coming up, and I could not click on any of the topics. After a few days I could no longer even see the topics, and then I lost FP last.

  3. FP is only visible when Im logged out - I can't see the blogs I follow or look at topics or freshly pressed. Is something going to be done about this?

  4. Now I can't access the My Blog tab either. Not very helpful.

  5. tamworthwedding260311

    This is so frustrating - I have had this problem intermittently when using explorer on work computer (not at home - it's fine there) so I moved to firefox and it was fine ... for about a fortnight and now it's gone again.

    This problem is why I used to use Readomatic not Reader but they took that away :( It might not have been slick, but it was reliable!

    I don't have time to jump through hoops to get to read blogs! This really needs fixing so that we don't keep losing it.

  6. Same issues here, i think there is defo a problem with the site rather than us!

  7. Same exact issues for me! uggghhh! I'm so darn frustrated!

  8. The reader tab hasn't worked in days for me. The problem started at the same time WP did the new format.

  9. We've just rolled a bunch of changes that should fix the reader in older versions of Internet Explorer. Please let us know if you're still encountering any issues.


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