Can’t See Full Photo Uploader Box

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    My Uploader Box seems to have slid down to the bottom of my page. I can’t get it to move where I can see the “delete photo” icon. Anyone know how to “grab and move” it like a typical error or message box can be moved? Thanks!



    i have the same problemo. anyone know what to do? tx!



    A lot of people have reported the same error. It was a bug which is now fixed, but you have to sort of “flush” it from your system. Clear your browser cache and cookies and do a forced reload of the page and that should clear it up (The Cookie Dance).



    I had that media box frozen halfway off the bottom of the page thing happen the other day. After finding some ideas around the forum, I got it fixed on my Mac notebook (via Firefox) by going on my post and then opening up the add image box, then I hit the refresh the page button on the browser as suggested. The page took several seconds, then gave me the photo box way up high, except now I can scroll it unlike before. The fix seems to have left me better off than I was originally!



    thanks raincoaster. all flushed out.



    You’re welcome, glad to hear it went well.


    I keep losing all my password saves doing these flushes…I hope the toilets are all flushed soon so I can stop the flushing! Save the whales, or something… :D


    I use another process that works fine for me. I temporarily hide my FF bookmarks toolbar and navigation toolbar and then I can see the whole uploader. For some time now, I can see the whole uploader automatically (even the “save changes” tab – which i couldn’t before). So i guess I am one of the luckier ones at the moment! :D


    Yup…I hid the bottom toolbar and still couldn’t get it done.


    how about hiding the top toolbars? :D


    If you are using IE7, you might want to read the post by mtdewvirus in the following thread: .

    Sadly I don’t know what can be done about it, but I’m sure staff is working on a solution of some sort.

    One solution for the sort term would be to use Firefox until they get it sorted out. If you aren’t using IE, then typically clearing your browser cache works in the large majority of cases.


    try uploading a video instead ;)

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