Can't see "likes" on my posts

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    I can’t see “likes” a specific person makes on my posts… he is a follower both on and via email and I have been seeing his “likes” on my pages normally until recently. The weird thing is that I get a notification by email but that notification does not appear on the blog! At the end of my post it will say that I have for example 6 likes but only 5 avatars will appear! It only happens with this particular follower (that I know of at least)… The comments from this person appear normally… oh, and the “likes” he had done in the past (which had appeared back then in my notifications & on my posts) have now disappeared as well…

    The blog I need help with is



    Could you please let me know the username of the follower so I can investigate, as well as a link to a post that he “liked”? Thanks.



    but before I take up any of your valuable time: it all popped up today! I think it was something as stupid as him not having properly set up his gravatar… I still don’t get the “pop-up” notification though (on the upper part, right-hand menu) but I get the email notification as usual…


    Correction: sorry!



    If you encounter this issue again, feel free to let me know in a new thread. Thanks!

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