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Can't see <li> bullet points in Firefox but can in IE6

  1. In this post:, I have used the
    ul and li tags. I can see the bullet points if I click on the above link in Firefox and IE 6 or if I am looking at the blog's URL ( using IE 6, but I CANNOT see the bullet points when looking at the blog's URL using Firefox Anyone have any ideas?

  2. You're absolutely right. That is one weird error. Send it to staff: either use your Support button on the dashboard or, if that is closed, email support at wordpress dot com. Give them all details.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I see the bullet points in Opera 9.

  4. thistimethisspace

    Well that's weird because using Firefox I so see the bullet points.

  5. Firefox on Windows XP here. No bullets..

  6. I think he's saying you see the bullet points on his link, but not on the main blog page. It looks very different to me on those two different URLs.

    Firefox on Windows XP here and I do see 7 (seven) bullets.

  8. WOAH Nelly! I see a Sapphire theme blog without any sidebar.
    Could it be that this a css customized theme that we are conferring on?

    Edit: Cancel that css question above. Apparently this is one of those themes where the sidebar only appears on the front page. And on the front page I do not see any bullets.

  9. Ah, I see. Bullets on the single post page, no bullets on the blog front page.

  10. Observation: not only does this blog have Snap Previews running but it also has 7 (seven) youtubes on the front page. The resource draw must be significant but I don't know if that would have the effect of preventing the display of bullets on the front page.

    As I have nothing else to offer and as I'm seeing the same thing kimik0 sees "Bullets on the single post page, no bullets on the blog front page". I'm out of here. It feels like it's time to contact staff to me

  11. Is not an error, that's how the CSS is define for Firefox only.

    The class definition is as follows:

    html>body .entry ul {
    	margin-left: 0px;
    	padding: 0 0 0 30px;
    	list-style: none;
    	padding-left: 10px;
    	text-indent: -10px;

    CSS child selectors (like the above code) are ignored by IE, that's why your bullet points will show up in IE. Firefox doesn't ignore them, that's why those properties are applied and the bullet points won't be displayed.

    On the single page, the class definition is different, that's why you see the bullet points there.


  12. @devblog
    I don't understand why the class definitions would be different.
    Should this be brought to the attention of staff?

  13. TT,

    Beats me... that's probably how the creator of the theme decided it to be...

    The 'key' part of the above code is the .entry class. This class is the one used on the front page. The class used in the single page is .entrytext, and I don't see a definition for the <li> tags under the .entrytext class.

    No, that shouldn't be something to contact staff for... is just how the theme was designed.

  14. @devblog
    Thanks for your intervention and explanation. Weird. I suppose those who use this theme will simply have to "live with it" or switch to another one.
    Issue "resolved".

  15. sure thing ;)

  16. Bad Internet Explorer, bad!

  17. Thanks to all for your help.

  18. I am sorry to say that beginning with the default theme (Kubrick) at WP org and going on from there, that the WP community including WP com is awash with examples of themes which are coded in a way which makes inconsistency across platform a certainty. In fact I defy anyone to point me to a link where WP states which browsers it purports to support.

  19. What are you talking about?

    Who has examples of those themes?

    Also, everybody knows that WP doesn't have a list of browser it supports so... what's your point?

  20. I would have thought my point was obvious.

  21. And I thought my question was rhetorical.

  22. If that is a rhetorical question then this is my answer. :)

  23. cool! ;)

    (devblog here)

  24. So has this secondary "issue" been resolved? ;)

  25. I guess it has :D

  26. Good, then I shall not be requiring any headache medication ... lol :D

  27. the OP's theme in use (Sapphire) is suspiciously looking as it's a yet another Kubrick (Default) -derived clone. the notorious Default theme is well known as having not exactly a “No-Fault CSS” (besides other usability issues).

    it appears, that shown off list/bullets wonderful presentation is a kinda generic {trade|birth}mark of all such Kubrickish themes. see also:

    interesting why this dubious child selector ('html>body'; feature that's been introduced since CSS lev. 2 only) was so badly needed to select any ul that is a descendant of any .entry?

  28. @options. Exactly. A man after my own heart. But not only is that selector in CSS 2 as you know but it is not supported by IE.

  29. oh, yes of course:
    full compatibility chart:

    I mean even though child selectors *were* supposed to be supported by the IE6/Win at that time, why on earth 'html>body'? did that Sapphire coder discover some 'ul's in the HEAD of any html document (*head-banging* ;-)???

  30. Don't get me started. :)

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