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Can`t see my images - they disappear

  1. I moved to WordPress recently – from another provider. I was satisfied with my decision until my images began to disappear from the posts I made. At the same time all the images I has previously when I imported the blog are fine. I am using either imageshack or photobucket for the images – when first put them I can see them in the posts, but few hours later they are gone. Before writing this post I have tried various things to deal with that from HTML to uploading directly – nothing seems to work.

    Any idea of how to have images on my blog or why they disappear???

  2. On - the pictures work – with exception of the posts titles Privacy where the picture isn`t shown.

    However on the main URL: the pictures aren’t shown in the posts:

    To name but a few.

    Again as soon as I hit Edit this post the picture is seen as it is supposed to shown during the edit and even in the post preview. Also when using an offline software the images are there – as soon as press save and go to the main page – the pictures are again invisible. I have tried several browser – to ensure that various settings are not the reason – got the same result in IE, FireFox and Opera.


    If you're talking about the Thumbnail sheet found on each of those, I see one each on each page listed above using IE 6.0.2900

    I also see the pictures fine on your home page:

    This is probably broken because of the '.th' within the filename although I'm not seeing it on that page. Here's the FAQ on what's allowed for filenames.

  4. I cant see the pictures still - on different PC as well , but since you both see them - I still cant find the explanation trough. The same linking is used in old posts and they work - these ones doesnt - but well mayt be it will fix itself somehow.

  5. everything is fine now

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