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    My Notifications tab won’t show up. I can see that I have unread notifications, but it won’t let me see them! Anything I can do to fix this? Everything else seems to work fine.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m having the same problem, intermittently. However, I can get to the notifications via the tab on the home page. I sugggest that, for now, that you do that too:!/notifications/



    I have this problem too and have just stopped using the Notifications flag for that reason. The second reason I’ve stopped using it is that it’s always lit up. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I look at the notifications or not, the next time I change to another Admin page, the comment notification icon lights up again with nothing new in its queue. It’s become useless. To see if I really have any comments, I have to go to the Comments page. Is anyone working on this fellow to get him to behave? Thanks.
    p.s. I really miss the number!

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