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Cant see text When writing a new post

  1. I have been having a proble with my wordpress and have been unable to post recently.
    I have posted many times with no issues until last week or so.

    When I click new post the edit text box appears as usual and I start to type. But the text is invisible. The curser still moves along but I cannot see the text.

    What is the problem and has it happened to anyone else?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post your url to your wp.COM starting with Http:// so we can make sure we are giving you the correct help.


    i thought it would appear because it had a link in the form i posted.
    anyway, link above.

  4. oh, as an update i will add some images.

    To try to resolve the issue I have clicked on html editor and can see the text I type but nothing shows up in the preview. also if i then click back to visual all of the editor tools disappear.

    I have no idea what has happened but need urgent help as I cant post.

    how do i add images?

  5. believe it or not, on that first picture i have written a paragraph of text.

    the title shows but not the body text (i used the title bar to explain my actions)

    on this next pic i click on html and the text appears...

    img 2 here

  6. then image 3

    still in html i add bold tags before opening the preview

    then i click preview, this is what happens

    then in image 5 we see what happens if i return to the visula editor.

  7. @nobby20220
    I don't know how to help you. I believe you may need Staff help

  8. how do i get staf help please?


  9. Are you sure you haven't set the text colour to white? White on white would not show in the visual editor, nor in the preview, but it would show in html.

  10. @knashermac2009
    Good point!

    Please be sure that you have not fooled around with the font color in the posts in question or have not accidentally changed it to be the same color as the background color of your blog (white).

  11. ah, i thought about that and had a look, but thing is, im not sure how to change the font colour so where do i check?

  12. ah, i thought about that and had a look, but thing is, im not sure how to change the font colour so where do i check?

  13. The reason I cant see the text color changer is because I do not seem to have the wyswyg control panel anymore.

    Where I should have this....
    (with the options to show/hide kitchen sink and all the other options like bold, italic, align etc,)

    Instead I have this.... (no buttons)
    or this (limited buttons)

    I dont understand what has gone on? Has WordPress changed?

  14. @nobby2020 please use this link --> <-- to contact staff directly so they can help you.

    I will also mark the thread with the modlook tag to alert staff to this forum thread

  15. thanks

  16. your welcome!

  17. Have you tried the standard "reset" when things don't work as expected?

    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again.

  18. letmeexplainthat

    I think its a problem with your browser. If the problem persists, even after resetting IE... try a different browser like Google Chrome and check! Im almost sure, its a browser issue.

  19. @At knashermac2009 and ashishjena
    At present there are bloggers who have been reporting they are experiencing problems with IE6 (as usual), and IE8, and Chrome. In addition, there are those who have had a recent AVG anti-virus update are likewise experiencing problems.

    You can try these troubleshooting techniques for browser issues

    When you contact Staff please provide them with all details up front.
    1. operating system and your browser
    2. your browser version
    3. your FULL blog address of the blog in question (not the blog name, the actual url that begins http:// Please note: there is no “www” in any url)
    4. your FULL username
    5. your role (Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor)
    6. the email address that you registered at with for the blog in question
    7. and a very good description of the exact problem
    * I did:
    * I saw:
    * I expected:

  20. I have tried the following...

    1. I tried a "trick" sent to me by someone at support help...
    "It seems that some parts of the visual editor are not loading.
    Here's a little trick that may bring them back:
    Go to your profile and check the "Always use https..." checkbox.
    Try editing a post - make sure you wait a little while when first going to the editor so that all the files are loaded.
    If that works - just untick the box in your profile again"

    Nothing happened (ie. Didn't work)

    2. I logged out, cleared cache and cookies, logged back in and still not fixed.
    3. I logged in using firefox and encountered the same issue.

    So still no luck.

    Is there anything that I can do? Like re install wordpress or will I lose informations or is it not installed locally?

    as a side question - can any of you drag your mouse over text to highlight it and copy it whilst you are in this forum? when you are writing a reply? I dont seem to be able to but I can do it as usual on all other sites.

  21. I tried a "trick" sent to me by someone at support help...

    As you are already in dialog with support Staff, it seems to me that you ought to continue working on this issue with Staff, and post the results into this thread.

  22. My reply to "as a side question" is yes I can select (highlight), copy and paste without any difficulty.

    Question: How old is your mouse? A couple of years ago I went crazy with problems until someone suggested I try another mouse - BINGO! It seems the first one was a dud.

  23. Is it possible to reinstall wordpress?

    Regarding the mouse every other website in the world works, I use it daily for design projects etc so it gets a pretty decent test and it works fine. Its just on WP i cant highlight text and it seems to coincide with the problem with writing posts.

    Thanks for keep ing in touch.

    I have only had 2 replies from staff the last one being about 30 hours ago.

  24. You've contacted support and they are going to be the one's that help fix this problem. As far as I know, there is nothing more we here in the forums can do. Since you have had contact with them, they know about the problem and are going to do their best to resolve it for you. I know you are frustrated, try and be patient while they work on the issue.

  25. I found this article and it seems similar to mine..

    just thought it may help...


  26. I have been having the same problems! Buttons gone, lots of error messages, etc. I will try some of the solutions here and see what happens. Thanks!

  27. @nobby2020

    Is it possible to reinstall wordpress?

    Sorry this option is not available from the user side her @

  28. this happened to me too...but i got over it. it eventually appears.

  29. So nobody knows what the actual problem is being caused by?

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