can’t see the comments link on older entries

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    When I view my blog, only the latest entry has a link where readers can leave a comment.
    When I click on an individual entry, it has the comment box on the bottom, but when I tried to reply to another comment, it gave me the “cannot find server” error. Why is the “leave a comment” link disappearing on my older entries?



    Her blog is located here in case anyone wants to see it.

    Chances are you’re getting the “cannot find server” error because you’re on Bellsouth and going through one of their broken proxy servers that they know about and refuse to fix.

    I just left a test comment on one of your posts and everything went fine.

    The “leave a comment” link only appears on the latest Post becuase that’s how the designer made it. I don’t think any of the other themes are like that if you want to change. You’ll note that the categories are also left off as well.

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