Can’t see the image on my wordpress site

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    Hi There! Just want to check if there’s a problem with wordpress site or not. Since last week I can’t see all photos on my blog ( I don’t know the main problem for this one. Please help. Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    Have you deleted any images from your Media Library? If so then by deleting the images from your site they are no longer available to display in your posts. Or perhaps the images were hotlinked from elsewhere? Not a good idea either.



    Hi Themangicrobot,

    No. I never delete the images from Media Library. Actually my images are from Google Photo. I never have this problem before. Already connected the Google Photo Library on my media setting but the problem still occur.


    Then I’ll tag this thread to ask if a member of staff could check your account/site to see what’s happened.


    Hi there @urukyu! We’d need to test this a bit more, would you be able to tell us more details about this issue?

    The images that disappeared are only the ones that were uploaded from your Google photos?
    When I check the error on your editor it says that the image has no alt attribute. Are you able to add the alternative text as explained here, save the post and check if the issue persists?



    Hi @fresatomica,

    Yes. The images that disappeared are only the ones that I uploaded from Google Photos. I already tried to add the alternative text but the issue is still persist. I still can not see the image. I don’t have any problem with my image that I uploaded from Flickr.


    Hmm, interesting.

    When adding the images, were you working from a browser or app? If browser, can you please copy the info from to your reply?

    Do you have any extensions installed in your browser?

    If you used the app, we’d need to know if it was the desktop or mobile one and its version.




    Hi, sorry for the late reply.

    I always use Google Chrome Browser. For the extensions, I only have Line Chat and Google Translate.

    Here’s the result from whatismybrowser :

    Thank You.



    Hi @fresatomica, I hope you can help me with the issue.

    Thank You!

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