How can I find the new pages I've added?

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    I keep trying to add new pages to the blog (“About”, etc). Even though I successfully fill in and publish the information, when I go to view the home page – I can’t see the new page I’ve added anywhere. Please help.
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    Looks like you’ve published one page, and it’s available here:

    However, your site is not currently set up to show links to all the pages you create. You have several options here:

    • You can use the Pages widget – add it to your sidebar to automatically list all the pages you have.
    • With a custom menu, you can manually edit the links in the top navigation bar. Create a menu under AppearanceMenus, and add any links you want. See the Menus support page for help.
    • Custom menus can also be managed automatically. After you create the menu, check the box that says Automatically add new top-level pages. This will automatically add the new pages you create to the menu, and you’ll still be able to edit or move them around later.

    I don’t get this at all! Sorry. I want to be able to have the page I have published (about) along the top, horizontally next to the word “Home”
    I also want to add other pages to this location, not down the side bar. It was easy with my other, free blog. I clicked the drop down, “add page” and it would appear! but this premium blog is not very user friendly and I wish I’d saved my money. Please help.



    It looks like you switched back to Pilcrow, which should be doing this automatically.

    In most themes, you can override the existing menu with your own constructed custom menu.

    See this for more info, and a video tutorial:


    I’m afraid I haven’t really been understood, and the advise you gave didn’t work with the premium blog I paid for (pretty young things.) I have asked friends with more technical knowledge than me to help, and they couldn’t manage it either. The time I’ve wasted with this is very disheartening and frustrating. Please tell me how I go about getting my money back. I paid via paypal.



    I am sorry for the trouble!

    I have canceled and refunded the theme as requested.

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