Can't see videos on page when logged in

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    I uploaded a mp4 video (about 32MB) to my home page and it loaded fine and when I look at it in my media library it plays perfectly and when the image
    of the video shows up on the page but when i play the video all I get is sound.

    I have rebooted the PC several times, reloaded the video, and emptied the cache but on the computer that has me logged in, I can’t see any video for this particular video.

    I uploaded another mp4 video to a different page on my website and that didn’t show up in the published page.

    I also uploaded the first mp4 video to one of my other sites and the same thing happened

    YET when I looked at the pages on a different PC that I wasn’t logged in on — the videos shows up.

    It is totally confusing!

    Any suggestions as to what might be causing this? Also, can you see the video on your end?

    My site is: and the video is on the Home page and the Contact Us page.


    1. Does one video format work better than the other?

    2. Is there an ideal size limit for videos?

    Please help!



    The blog I need help with is



    I am able to see your video when I look at your site. Could you try logging out on the computer and looking to see if that makes a difference in the video? Also, please check that you have third party cookies enabled (



    Hi Catrymer!

    My third party cookies are enabled. I just logged out of all windows, shut down my browser completely (Mozilla) and logged back in.

    Still the same problem. Can’t see the video. I logged back out to see if I could see the videos if I was not logged in.

    Didn’t work.

    I can see the videos on my other two PCs where I’m not logged in

    would it help to clear the cookies for wordpress?



    I think the problem is specific to the machine you are using, rather than to whether or not you are logged in, but you could test that by logging in on a different machine and checking whether you can still see your video.

    I think clearing your cache and cookies is always a good thing to try if you are having a machine/browser specific issue.



    @ Cat

    You’re correct, it looks like it’s machine-specific because I logged in to one of my other machines and I could still see the video.

    Yutube videos show up on the problem PC but not video files (?)

    I will try clearing the cache and cookies and see what happens. I’ll post the results.



    I’m just checking in to see if clearing the cache and cookies helped resolve your problem. Is everything okay now?



    Hi Cat

    I thought it might have been a Flash Player Problem but I installed Google Chrome browser and I can see the video but not in Internet Explorer or Firefox

    Don’t know what the problem is but at least I have Chrome browser as a fallback



    Hi there,

    I’m glad to hear you were able to get your videos working on your PC in at least one browser. You might need to update your IE and Firefox browsers. We have a list of recommended browser versions at


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