Can’t seem to add “Insert more tab” .

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    I just tried to edit and use the “insert more tab” on 2 blogs that I already posted. I control x’d out the bulk of what I wrote, inserted the More tab under the first paragraph, c&p the rest of the post back in under it, updated, previewed, and the change wasn’t there. I tried this a few times. Am I missing a step? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    OK, weird. Guess it took some time to work? I just went to my blog, and it was there. So never mind!!!



    I suspect you are referring to splitting content by inserting “the more tag” and see that you have suceeded. The support documentation entry for that is found here >
    I’m posting the link so it can be found when others use the forum searchbox and locate this thread.

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