Can't seem to embed Youtube videos?

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    Apparently you just have to copy the link to its own separate line in a post. But when I view my blog it only appears as a link? soooo frustrating!

    Doe anyone have suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is


    In the post, put the cursor where you want the video, click on the “insert video” button up above the editor text area, put in the URL and then let wordpress create the code as you click “insert into post.” This method seems more reliable than pasting it into the post or page editor text area.


    Thesacredpath, this was very helpful and I was able to do it last night but this morning, as I try with a new video, I’m prompted to upgrade for $60/year and the editor will not accept anything else. Any input?

    Heroes ‘N Pirates


    Whoops, it worked!!



    Dear Heroesen Pirates,,,

    What do you mean by “it works”? I mean, what exactly did you do to make it work?




    Dear SacredPath,
    Heroes and Pirates said that it worked, but when I do it, I get an ad for VideoPress at $60 a year. Yet, this is the way I have been doing it for months. When I began years ago, I was told to use the URL of the YouTube video, and then later on, told to use the ShortCode for the YouTube video.

    Now, after fiddling around, I see that the Insert Video is not a good idea, because doing so makes the VideoPress ad appear.

    So instead, I put the cursor in the spot where I want the video to show, and unlike as I was doing it till a few days ago (Paste the URL into the Add URL line), I now paste in the ShortCode straight into the text field. I don’t even click the Media link, which is a sure way to get the VideoPress ad.

    Maybe there could be a notice to everyone, to avoid confusion for a lot of people.




    Note: WordPress instructions for adding videos says to click the Add Media icon but since they now use that Media Icon button to automatically bring up the VideoPress ad, then you might just avoid clicking that media button.

    If you avoid the Add Media icon but paste in the URL of the YouTube video, then you will get only the URL showing up on your text field.

    To get a picture of a YouTube tv box, you have to change your old ways and revert to using the Short Code.

    -Peregrine :-) :-) :-)



    I see that you have been successful.

    @all members locating this dead thread in the future, please note that the solution is provided here:

    You do not need to click the media button in the editor at all. I never do. You can simply type in the youtube shortcode in either the Visual or HTML editor and the video will display.

    From >


    Thanks any way,but i’m putting a video, not from youtube,but from, and when i was using de media link to the video, it was fine and appear the preview,and now when hi press it, just appear the advertising,and even in html embed code doesn’t work.
    Any ideias?


    Member do not appear to be supported as I cannot see a shortcode for them. You can post just about any video to your blog using VodPod’s “ Post to WordPress” button. Have you tied using vodpod instead?




    I find if I put the short code for a Youtube video into a post in html and click update …. it doesn’t ….. when I view the page it hasn’t saved,

    What I now have to do is place the short code in html switch to visual and then update for the video to show.

    This maybe a quirkness with my OS I’m not sure





    I should have said this also applies if I use the Youtube embed code (old or new).

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