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Can't seem to upload audio

  1. I've just purhased the space upgrade to allow me to put audio on my blog.
    When I try to upload the audio file (wav) it quickly races to 100% uploaded but that is as far as it gets.
    The screen just stops there. Nothing drops down to show me the file.
    The file doesn't appear in my media library.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    My blog is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you iusing these instructions?

  3. @timethief
    Yes, I followed the instuctions as set out in the upgrade.
    It doesn't go to the 'show' link when it has finished uploading.

  4. Are you using Chrome by any chance? We're hearing lots of issues with Chrome.

  5. @raincoaster
    No, I'm using Windows 7

  6. Raincoaster is asking about the browser, not the operating system. If you're using Chrome or (god forbid) Explorer, better download and start using Safari or Firefox.

  7. I mean as your browser. Are you using IE then?

  8. @raincoaster & @justpi
    Yes I'm using IE. Is it really that bad & is that the source of the problem?

  9. Yes it's that bad, because IE ignores various web standards - the older the version, the worse. Whenever problems that are reported here prove to be browser related, it's almost always IE, sometimes Chrome, almost never Safari or Firefox.

  10. Try the Cookie Dance: Log out, clear browser cache and cookies, and do a full restart of the computer. That often solves browser problems.

  11. @raincoaster
    Thanks but I had already tried that. I took @justpi's advice and downloaded Safari. That seemed to do the trick.
    Thanks very much to all of you for your help.

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