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Can't send images or email from my mobile to my blog

  1. Just testing a new program that should allow me to send emails from my mobile phone to WordPress. I am a beta tester for a company in the UK that offers that.

    But my issue is I read on the link

    that I can have a post email, but following these instructions doesn't yield any results. I then realised that you at WordPress must have pulled the option of sending emails or images from your service. I hate to say that but it works from blogs. It doesn't work on the beta version of Blogger, which is probably a relief to you guys and girls at WordPress. I would be glad if you could fix that.
    On another note,
    if anyone is happy to test the application that allows you to send images and emails from your mobile phone to blogs, please contact What you will see on their website is a general offer of sending SMS text messages cheaper internationally, but if you are interested to be in the first league of beta testers for the new functions just get in touch.

  2. There is currently no blog by email service available at

    It is something that I believe will be implemented in the future, just not right now. You can photoblog through Flickr, I just don't believe there's a word to blog with words via mobile at the moment.

  3. i disagree. i want to blog via mobile and wud luv an option to do it frm anywhere anytime without the need for a pc

  4. I think you misunderstood my post.

    I didn't say it wouldn't be a good feature, I said it isn't possible at the moment. I agree, it would be great to blog properly using wordpress and a mobile phone (without web access!)


  5. @mobidiculous
    I'm not clear on what you're referring to. Have you tried this mobile version of wordpress as one of our Moderators, Trent says it can be used for posting while on your mobile phone

  6. I have a blog on Blogger and there I can send photos to my blog from my cellphone... It would be super cool if that could be done here at WordPress....

  7. You can, I believe. Try

  8. just did, it works fine when sending text. But I like to take a photo with my cell and then send it to the blog - You can see the test blog I got here I send then to that blog and for now I just copy the pix and add them to my mail blog here.

    Thanks for the quick response :)

  9. I've tried it; you have to upload it (I use VirginMobile webspace) and then hotlink, which is more complicated.

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