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    HI I have been using Quintus for my 1500 Saturday’s blog for nearly 2 years and used to be able to set a featured image but I don’t seem to have been able to do that for the last few weeks.
    I want to do this so that I can choose which photo shows in the reader to make the blog more eyecatching from there.
    Can you tell me why the change and if there is anything I can do to get this feature back?
    Or if not can you recommend a similar theme which will allow me to do this.

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t use Quintus so cannot confirm that there was a change and the theme’s current Showcase page doesn’t mention that the theme supports using a Featured Image in Posts. Can you link to a Post where you previously inserted a featured image so we can have a look, starting with http:// to make it clickable?

    Regardless, you don’t need the featured image box to highlight an image. You can do this by uploading and inserting an image as the lead into your post. Image dimensions can be found at the bottom of the Quintus Showcase page.



    Thanks for answering Justjennifer.. I have gone through some of my more recent posts ( under edit posts) and none of them seem to have the featurted image showing now but I feel sure that I was using it .. ( I use it on my photomania blog ( so I guess it’s not impossible that I am confusing the 2.
    What alerted me to this was the reader, as now the only photo that ever shows when I publish a new post is the standard saturday one that is always on my blog and the reader used to show others so maybe it is the reader that has been changed?? It would certainly seem that way.
    As you will see from my blog the saturdays photo is the lead image so now it always shows first and the only way it seems I can change that is not to have that on each post..but as my post is all about my saturdays it seems a pity to have to remove it but maybe that is going to be the only answer?

    Anyone from WordPress admin can answer this please?



    According to an earlier Staff reply, here is how the Reader selects images:

    The reader looks for images that are at least 594px wide and have an aspect ratio above 0.8 (width/height).

    @ justjennifer, currently, when a post with the Standard, Aside, Link, Quote, or Status post format contains a video or audio embed, that embed is pulled out and used in the Reader. Otherwise, it uses an image from the post.

    If the post has the Gallery or Image post format, a video or audio embed in that post would not be used in the Reader – one or more images would be used instead. When the Reader looks for an image, it goes for the featured image first and then an image inserted into the post — if there are no images that meet the size criteria I mentioned above, it will display the image as a thumbnail instead of a large image.

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