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    I’m trying to set the “Featured Image” for one of my postings, using the “From URL” tab. The Image URL validates OK (the red star changes to a green cross when I tab away). However, the Image Title stays with a red star next to it after I put in some text then tab away. Any idea what the problem might be, please?

    I’m using Firefox 3.6.3 on Ubuntu 10.4. I’ve also tried with Chrome 5.0.342.9 beta with the same results (or rather, lack of them).


    The blog I need help with is



    The featured image feature only works with images uploaded to your blog from your computer. ^TK


    Thanks for the reply. Most helpful. I’ve now been able to set the Featured Image by uploading the image to WordPress. However, I am left wondering:

    (1) Why, when all(?) other images can be from other sites must the Featured Image be hosted on

    (2) Why does the URL validate as OK, even though it’s from another site if that isn’t permitted?

    (3) why is there (as far as I can see) nothing in the online documentation that mentions the restriction that the Featured Image must be hosted by


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    Featured Images are a feature of the last few themes introduced to They must be specific sizes (in most cases), and I suspect the software must find the files in the media library in order to work.

    The URL will validate as ok to insert the image into a post. That validation has nothing to do with featured images.

    The lastest themes have introduced without much documentation other than the announcement of them in the WordPress blog. Most information about them can be gleaned from questions and answers in these forums.

    Panos, a regular volunteer here, has a blog about using and he’s published several posts about using the latest new themes.


    In addition – re “all(?) other images”: No, only images inserted into a post, a page or a widget the regular way can be hosted elsewhere. Images used for special purposes (featured image, gallery, slideshow) must be uploaded to your blog and attached to a specific post.

    And uploading images to your blog is better anyway: with hotlinking you get the delay of the other site loading as well, plus you may lose the image if it’s removed or relocated.

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