Can’t Set The Calendar Days In Order In Sidebar – Suggestions?

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    I thought that there was a way to set the order of the days within the calendar, but when I go into the calendar widget and click on the blue tab, nothing shows up except for a space to type a title.

    I would like to set it starting with the day of Sunday, whereas now, it starts with Monday.

    And thanks everyone!



    I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to do with the calendar, but there is, unfortunately, no configuration that we can do to the widget.

    The calendar is only used to display when the blogger wrote posts and apart from a quick reference for dates serves (IMHO!) no other useful purpose.

    Sorry I can’t be more help!



    Thanks Collin, … appreciate the response!

    I did see a calendar within one of the WordPress blogs that was exactly like the one that I have in my sidebar, and had the week starting off with Sunday.
    (Don’t remember which blog that was though.)

    Could be that they got that calendar from somewhere else, … maybe.

    Anyway, it certainly is no problem. Just a little nit-pick type of thing.

    Thanks again Collin,



    i change themes all the time but i don’t remember a calendar starting on monday. if you really don’t like that bit, try changing themes. my current theme starts from sunday (it’s pressrow, btw),


    Nahhh, … don’t think I want to change themes/template.
    A potential client today in fact just happened to look at my blog and liked the layout, the scheme, and on that alone, … gave me some work to do for them.
    Don’t think I’ll change it now.

    Still, it’s not a major thing at all.
    I’m just not use to having a weekly calendar to start off on a Monday instead of Sunday.

    Thanks again,



    What does it say on this page on on the very last sentence in your blog? => Dashboard => Options => General Options

    Weeks in the calendar should start on:_____________



    TT – That’s just showing off! ;)

    Hope that works for you Mike. :)



    It’s a stab in the dark – not showing off – who knows? It may even work. :P


    Well, … I’ll be da , I mean “darn”! LoL!
    Did not know it was over there.
    (Gonna take some time to remember where everything is located)
    I could have swore that it was where you added your calendar to the sidebar, … or so I thought.

    Oh well,
    Hey T.T., ……. many thanks.
    That did the trick!




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