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Can't Share Blog Thumbnail on Facebook

  1. In the past, when I used the Facebook "share" button on my posts, the image in my post (I only use 1 at a time) would then appear as the thumbnail for my corresponding Facebook update. Now, as of a week or so ago, this doesn't happen anymore, and, I can't choose a thumbnail, either. (A "choose a thumbnail" option appears, but is grayed out - I can't click on it. Also, clicking on the arrows in that area no longer allows me to find the image from the WP post).

    Any help would be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks, airodyssey. Although my images are (and have been) always smaller than 200 x 200, there are a few things I don't understand:

    * I never had problems in the past, and,
    * according to Timethief's reply in the thread you reference, when FB doesn't find a featured image, it then tries to find the post's first image or at least the blavatar. However, this is no longer the case.

    Further thoughts, anyone?

    If it helps, my theme can accommodate featured images.

  3. i'm having the exact same problem... Before it used to work perfectly, now it seems no thumbnails appear when i share to Facebook??

  4. Choosing the thumbnail is entirely up to Facebook and we have no control over that. They seem to employ the use of a very strict set of criteria when choosing the image, which can sometimes lead to no image or the "wrong" image.

  5. OK, thanks... I can appreciate how you don't have any control over what FB does. I still don't understand, though, why it always worked and now it doesn't.

    What changed?

  6. We don't know.

  7. OK, thanks - at least we know we don't know.

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