Can’t show image size! help!

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    When I try to upload photos I don’t have the option of choosing thumbnail or fullsize, the option just isn’t there. Does anyone know where it might be hiding or how I can get the option?



    (1) You could eliminate the possibility that this is theme related by switching from Ambiru to Daydream. If the problem disappears after switching themes it’s likely to be theme related. (Note the maximum image width for Ambiru is 460 px.)
    (2) If the problem appears to be theme related then send a feedback into staff with a link back to this thread.
    (3) If the problem persists after switching themes send a feedback to staff with a link back to this thread.



    I see from your blog that you have now figured out how to upload an image. The FAQs blog is full of really useful information like and
    Happy blogging :)

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