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Can't sign into my blog's dashboard

  1. Every time I try to login to the dashboard for my blog, it just redirects me to the login page. I can see the global dashboard, but can't get into the dashboard for the blog.

    What's the deal? This was working just last night.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please provide the blog link your talking about so when can help you starting with http://

  3. Seems to be working again,

  4. So is this matter resolved now ?

  5. Its happening again now. IE8 on Windows 7. Every time I login and check "remember me", when I try to go to my blog's dashboard, it just sends me back to the login page.

    If I go to it shows me as logged in, but my blog doesn't ever think I'm logged in.

  6. I recommend trying to clear your cookies and cache then restart your browser

  7. Yeah, I did that, no change.

  8. Since support is closed I will "modlook" the thread to grab staffs attention

  9. This might be a windoze 7/IE8 issue. WordPress seldom makes any adjustments until after new browser - or operating systems - are out of beta and in full release.

  10. It was working until recently.

  11. Does it work in Firefox?

  12. I don't use firefox. It works on IE8 on XP and /sometimes/ works on Windows 7. Right now, its not working.

  13. OK, windows 7 is released now. When will there be a fix?

  14. Looking at the post/reply chatter with Fiddler2, my web browser sends a POST with the right form data (my username and password) to log me in and the response I get back from the POST is just the HTML for the login form again. The problem is definately in wordpress.

  15. @finediner, so is the problem ONLY with IE8 on Win7?

    Based on your description of getting redirected to the login page with no error message sounds like a browser cookies issue. Just to make sure, is your browser setup to accept cookies? (I would assume so, but just checking.) Note that clearing cookies can be separate from turning them on or off. It is also possible to block specific sites from saving cookies.

    Also, will have to find a Win7 machine to test on... I have WinXP...

  16. @finediner, found someone to test the login with Windows 7 and IE8 and it worked.

    Can you please make sure your browser is setup to accept cookies from

  17. My browser, Chrome, is set up to accept cookies and I can't look at certain parts of my dashboard. If I try to get detailed stats on certain posts I get redirected to a login page. My blog's It acted the same way in Firefox.

  18. I am having this same problem with chrome.

  19. And now I can't log in to my blog at all. This is ridiculous.

  20. I'm having the same issues. Rodgerpm, after you attempt to login navigate to your blog url. You should now see the Blog management bar at the top of the page. You can then update and view certain portions of your blog ie. edit, view stats etc.

    I hope they come out with a workaround of some kind. :(

  21. Same issue here with Google Chrome. Even when I am able to successfully login, when I navigate to Blog Stats, it asks me to login again. And it isn't saving my login the next time I visit, even if I check the box to remember me.

  22. Thanks scripthacks, that works out decently when I can see the management bar but sometimes I can't. I e-mailed Support two days ago and have only heard that I should empty my cache which is NOT what the problem is. I'm feeling really frustrated and a little abandoned. I like WordPress and I've gotten a lot of friends started with WordPress blogs but with the recent cracks in security and this whole mess I'm thinking of switching.

  23. I have the same problem. Every time I try to access my dashboard or blog stats, it redirects me to the login page.

  24. Google Chrome and it happens to me but only at home. Mozilla and I can't duplicate it.

    I really think it IS some odd sort of cookie issue even though it is new and even though I've cleared/reset everything in Chrome. I had something similar to this years ago with WordPress. Eventually it cleared up but it took a while. Not sure if I fixed it back then or they tweaked something behind the scenes.

  25. Is this happening to any other sites, where it logs you back out, or is it just a WordPress issue?

  26. I've only had this problem with WordPress.

  27. What version of Google Chrome are you guy's using ?

  28. It is only a WordPress issue. It is a funny issue. Sometimes, things load as if I'm logged in and other times, it goes to the simple log-in screen.

    Oh, now that I think back. On my dashboard - one time - I did see log-in options at the bottom of the page.

    So at the bottom of the page there was a partial box with log-in options for name and password. Clearly wrong place - if I get it again I'll save an image - dumb not to do that first time.


    Here is the image capture showing the bad code. It seems like a random click fest to get somewhere where I can find this.

  30. I'm using the Linux dev branch, version

    I don't think it's a problem with Chrome because I have an identical experience when I use the latest version of Firefox.

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