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Can't sign into my blog's dashboard

  1. There is a new dev version out version which when I download this newest version the lock out of the dashboard stopped so yes it was a Google chrome issues on how it accepted cookies.

    you can find the version of Google chrome here

    Please note staff does NOT support Beta versions of browsers here at so if you are having issues with the browser and WP your best bet is to uninstall the browser and revert back to a stable version then wait for a more stable beta release to be released.

  2. I was using a stable version of Firefox and had the same problem, as I've already stated. Other people using other versions of other browsers have also had this problem, as stated previously. Are you saying that there's just been a massive issue with nearly every web browser on the web on how they accept WP's cookies only?

  3. All he is saying is that for people using Chrome, one of the Chrome updates broke things and the newest version fixes that issue.

    The thing is, I've tried to duplicate this issue in IE8, Chrome, Safari, (mac and PC) Firefox 3.5.5 (mac and PC) Opera 9 and 10, SeaMonkey and Flock, and I cannot reproduce the problem. I'm not saying you are not experiencing the problem, what I'm saying is that since I can't reproduce it, it might be difficult to track down what is happening.

    Contact staff at and give them all the details including what browsers and browser versions you have tried, and also include any plugins or add-ons you might be using.

    If you are using FF, then the first thing I do when I encounter problems is to turn off all add-ons, clear the browser cache and cookies, restart the browser and then try it. If the problem goes away, then I start turning on add-ons one at a time till I find which one is causing the issue. I then contact the add-on author with the information so that they can work on a fix.

  4. I've contacted support with all the details and I got told to clear my cache. That was a few days ago and I haven't heard anything more.

    I understand it's hard to duplicate errors when everybody has their computers set up differently and their add-ons vary and this and that, there's a lot of variables where any one could contribute to a problem. I don't have any more problems with Chrome, so thanks y'all for tracking down the update issue.

  5. You're welcome!

  6. I'm still having terrible problems with this - on three different computers and always in Google Chrome. I've upgraded to the latest developer's release on all three computers, but it hasn't cleared the problem.

    Guess I'll have to use another browser for a while. :(

  7. Hi people!

    I have the same problem till yesterday, when I wanted to access my blog dashboard ( ), it asked me for a login, althou I was logged in. So I logged in again, and got the login form again. And again. I can access my global dashboard (I have 2 blogs), I can access my other blog's dashboard, but not my primary blog's. The funny thing that I didn't changed nothing, cookies are accepted, only WP acts silly. Also, I have the bug pictured above.

  8. Oh, by the way, I'm using Google Chrome.

  9. Hello.. I have the same problem too, can anybody help me..dont know whjat to do..I cant log-in to my wordpress site..we are currently updating our site but unfortunately, after I log-in I am redirected to a blank page..

  10. Hello.. I have the same problem too, can anybody help me..dont know whjat to do..I cant log-in to my wordpress site..we are currently updating our site but unfortunately, after I log-in I am redirected to a blank page..

  11. I tried Chrome 4.0245 whatever... and Opera 10.10... and Iexplorer8... and FireFox 3.5.5. which is my main man... Nothing. There was nothing in my history and cache in iexplorer or Opera, I cleared everything from Firefox (except for the addons but I don't see the point with all of these other browsers not working) and it still won't take me to my dashboard.
    I keep one personal blog at and cooperate on another at, neither one will show me my dashboard or start a new post for that matter even though I get the "My Account" bar showing me that I'm logged in.
    Anyone? Please...

  12. This is an interesting discussion, which I totally missed seeing. My access problems started around mid-November, when I also contacted staff, and still haven't cleared up entirely either in FF or IE8. They suspected the culprit was my firewall. Now I'm not so sure.

  13. deutschejournalistenschule

    It seems to be a browser problem.

    I'm experiencing the same problems using the latest FF 3.5.5. It still didn't work after I cleared all cookies etc.
    Then I tried the same in Opera 10.10 and it worked fine.

    Maybe it has something to do with my htaccess redirect.
    I'm redirecting every request from my blog-url to a different url. And after accessing the wp-admin login page with "" the wp-login.php receives this GET variable "redirect_to".
    Don't know whats going on in wp-login.php but maybe there is the problem.

  14. I think I'm special. I've tried to log in on a different computer with ie6 - same result.
    My friend tried logging in with my username from Sarajevo, Bosnia, same result. His username works perfect for that blog.
    I never thought anything could get me to leave and stop recommending it to everyone, but the way things're going, if I can't have access to my blog by the end of the week...

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  16. I managed to create a third blog at , still no good on the dashboard.
    I just wish someone else woould come forward and say they had the same problem.

  17. Well, my issues was successfully resolved yesterday though WP team didn't mention what was the problem and how they manage to fix it. Though the how part is less important under the circumstances, I just wish I knew what happened so that I can prevent it from happening again if at all possible.

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