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  1. Are you so addicted that you find yourself up at 3:00 am typing away at your computer? I work during the day so the only time I have to blog is at night. I am new to blogging, I have learned that I need to limit myself to a certain number of posts. If I do not take control of myself I might end up doing 5 posts a day...

    PS- I know this sounds random but try to guess how old I am.

  2. Judging by your avatar, the content of your blog, the alignment of the planets, the day of the week, the month, the year, the state of the world and the three ants I may or may not have stepped on on my way to the fridge a few minutes ago, I'd say you are approximately 865 years old.


  4. Based on your avatar I'd guess 28.

  5. ps, I love your new avatar..

  6. A little Younger, Keep guessing

  7. I'm assuming your talking about omar's avatar...I like it too :)

    My first guess was actually are you 25?

  8. 5 posts a day? You have a lot of time on your hands my friend.

  9. I am 17 years old... At age 17 I am on my own, I got emancipated. I run a photography business and I am a teacher at the the Southern Oregon Guild Artists’ Center and Gallery! I tech workshops on photography lighting. I went from living with my parents last year to supporting my girlfriend and her 5 horses. I pay $900 a month for rent, I live in a remodeled 2 story restraint building. I use the upstairs for photography and I live downstairs.

    I have a bad case of ADHD that makes me the the crazy guy I am. I'm the kind of guy that wants to do everything at once! I am a crazed photographer, some of us look at photography as a way to express the feelings within the deepest part of are crazed minds and are ever wondering hearts. Photography is a outlet for all of are creative Ideas. Photography for some is the only way to show the world who we really are. Don’t let anyone take this passion away from you .

    Photography for me is the one thing that keeps me of sound mind…

    PS- If you have ADHD, you have a gift...

  10. A teacher at 17! Will you be retiring at 30?

  11. And all I achieved at 17 was winning a video game competition, now I'm a 21 year old who has recently achieved surviving last semester of college.

  12. Well, I'm also 21 and have yet to win something of significance (not even a video game competition). Does that make you feel any better? :P

  13. Yes, Yes it does. You have achieved a lot, I saw your other site with the graphic designs or what ever that stuff was called, and you should be very proud of yourself you do great work.

  14. Omarmodesto, Your a awesome blogger! You do great work!!!

  15. Whoa! How could you say Omar is an awesome blogger and then not acknowledge my blogging skills? Sorry, but I'm the only child and I'm just used to getting more attention...but if you don't think I'm an awesome blogger then fine!

  16. Because you not awesome! Your a freaking BAD ASS BLOGGER!

  17. Ooooo, Thanks...I always thought of myself as a Bad Ass

  18. Me? An awesome blogger?
    Something's not right, here :P
    *pinches self*

  19. Your awesome, but your not a bad ass blogger biotch

  20. Wow, dude, you sound like you've really done a lot right, being a teacher and able to do all that at 17 is incredible

  21. Thank You..

  22. Hello, fellow 17-year-old.
    Haha. I'm happy for you, honestly. :)

  23. alexismagdeline

    Im interested. Though i have barely passed the age of seventeen owning a business sounds better than working for one. I want to hear more on how your business got started.

  24. Hold your ear up to the monitor.

  25. This is kinda turning into an age-sex-location thread. Which is incredible.

    12/f/San Pablo, btw.

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