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Can't turn off header image on MistyLook theme

  1. For some reason, when I turn off the header image in the "Appearance->Header" menu on my site, it does not actually remove it from the site. I tried clearing the browser cache, and it still shows, so it's not my computer. Is this a bug in the theme, or am I forced to have a header image on

  2. Have you tried going into your Media Library and deleting the header image there?

  3. Will you also please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question? The one linked to your username is using the Twenty Eleven theme -- not MistyLook.

  4. Hi Timethief - Thanks for your response. The URL of my blog is ... I can't delete the image from the media library because it is the default header image -- it doesn't show up there. Any other ideas?

  5. I just tried it in my test blog, and the remove header image in Mistylook is broken.

    Hopefully staff will see this thread and respond soon.

  6. I don't know if WP changed this recently, but header image in MistyLook wasn't optional:

  7. Yeah, it shows up in appearance > header now, so one would logically assume it is possible, unless of course it was an oops to add it in the first place.

  8. Thanks. Hopefully if it wasn't meant to be optional, they'll change their minds and make it optional. It's a great looking theme, but I just don't want a header image.

    Anyhow, should do like filing a bug report somewhere, or will the problem likely get solved here?

  9. The theme team monitors the themes forum, so they should see this thread and respond. If they don't within a couple days, use the contact form to report the issue.

  10. I checked all the themes I had listed as non-optional. In a few the header image has become optional (I updated my post accordingly), but in most it remains non-optional: clicking Remove restores the default image in some of them, leaves a blank space in the rest (occasionally with the dreaded questionmark as well).

  11. So... broken it is then?

  12. And Panos, thank huge amounts for doing all those great posts and for keeping them updated. You are seriously underpaid.


  13. Maybe they could only add the option cross-theme no matter if it works or not. Or maybe it's a work in progress and they'll gradually make the header image optional in all themes. Don't know...

  14. I'm not underpaid because I'm not paid at all!

  15. I'm not underpaid because I'm not paid at all!


  16. We're aware of the issue—and working on it.

  17. @jrtayloriv Thanks for the your report about this. The header image should be removed now if you choose the "Remove Header Image" from Appearance > Header.

    And Panos, thank huge amounts for doing all those great posts and for keeping them updated.

    Yes! Thank you muchly for all your detailed theme bug reports, too.

  18. You're welcome!

    Could you please clarify if you're going to make this work in all themes?

    By the way, with all these minor or major changes you've made it hell for me! Ian understandably says "too many to list here", but I need those too many for my theme-related posts.Any way I can access such a list - or at least the list of notices that randomly show up on the Showcase site?

  19. Hi panos,

    You can follow the Theme Showcase updates by going to to and clicking the "Follow" link in the admin bar. You can also view the RSS feed at I hope this helps.

  20. Thanks to everyone for helping get this fixed! Everything is working fine on my site now.

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